... of witches, gnomes and a spooky fairyland

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Illustration from “Unkrautland - Picturebook”
The gate to the islands

A contemplative evening sky appeared in front of Quinn’s eyes, as he jumped out of the mysterious waters. The storm had passed, and far away in the glance of the setting sun, Quinn recognized a group of islands.

Unkrautland Picturebook - Anura’s Gate

Theme of Schmidt-Spiele jigsaw puzzles
The jester in the Black Lodge

Ducked the jester stood in one of the doors and pointed into the adjacted room. »Get in at last«, he said, »dinner is prepaired. Hurry, otherwise it's getting cold.« Laughing he made a jump an dissapeard in the depth of the room.

Unkrautland Vol. 2 - The secret of the Black Lodge

Cover of Unkrautland-Boardgame
Stolen goods and mighty loot

Nasty rabble came across Unkrautland and took everything they could get. But the precious goods unfortunately got lost.
... lost without a trace somewhere in the dephts of the Gloomyforest.

part of game-instruction - Stolen goods and mighty loot

Cover of “Unkrautland - Vol. 3”
Peaks of Sulphur Battlements

The brittle boards bended because of his weight as Primus entered the ancient bridge. A mumbling came out of the clouds. Step by step Primus walked ahead, while he clutched the ropes at the bridge’s side. If he could rely on what was written in Magnus Ulmes book, then it took more than threehundred fathoms down to earth, straight underneath his feet.

Unkrautland Vol. 3 - Peaks of Sulphor Pinnacles

Illustration from “Unkrautland - Picturebook”
Alchemy and witchcraft

»… and always remember the formula«, he heard Magnus Ulme's words, »it will help you in nearly every mixture.«

Unkrautland Picturebook - Anura’s Gate